Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter! I will be sharing my thoughts and findings on cloud computing (with a focus on Microsoft Azure), DevOps, development, and (cloud) security.

Many people know me as someone who reads and researches a lot. I also like to share what I find useful with my friends. Now, I decided to start this newsletter to share my insights and discoveries on these topics with a wider audience.

In the beginning, I will publish this newsletter every two weeks on this blog. Some people say, “Done is better than perfect,” so I decided to start with this simple and easy form. After some time, I will probably set up a mailing list and use it to share future editions.

As this is my first time writing a newsletter, I would love to hear any feedback about my work. Let’s make it a win-win scenario. You will help me write a better newsletter, and I will provide you with more and more value by creating better content. But this can only happen if we build a relationship. So, do not hesitate to contact me. You can find my details at the end of this issue.

I hope you find the content of this newsletter useful and informative. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s explore the exciting world of cloud computing together!