When I’m working with some tool, I’m looking for a way to customize it, especially when it comes to themes :)

I’m a big fan of dark themes. In Azure DevOps, there is one available by default, but you can enable more, better-looking, themes.

You can select your theme by clicking on the User settings icon and selecting the Theme option:

Selecting theme
Selecting theme

By default in Azure DevOps, we can choose between Light and Dark themes.

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You can easily get more themes by enabling Experimental themes!! Just click on the User settings icon, then Preview features, and enable Experimental Themes:

Experimental themes
Experimental themes

This option will add 12(!!) new themes:

  • Blue
  • Dark editor
  • Fall
  • Green
  • Quiet
  • Red
  • High Contrast (dark)
  • Neptune
  • Red (dark)
  • Solar (dark)
  • Solar (light)
  • Tomorrow night

My favorite one is Neptune:

Neptune theme
Neptune theme

Let’s compare it to the standard Dark theme:

Dark theme
Dark theme
bleh …

Which theme will you choose? :)

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