I’m a learner. I love to learn. And I love workshops, where I can really do something, instead of just reading.

Some time ago I found a pretty nice website with Azure cloud workshops.

To be more specific - it is called Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW)

You will find there workshops from a wide range of topics - “Enterprise-class networking”, “Enterprise-ready cloud”, “Modern cloud apps”, and much more.

Recently I went through a workshop called “Business continuity and disaster recovery”. You will find all materials here - https://github.com/microsoft/MCW-Business-continuity-and-disaster-recovery

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This workshop covers Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) with Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

You will learn how to configure:

✔️ failover on-prem hyper-v to Azure
✔️ Windows Failover Cluster and SQL Always On Availability Groups
✔️ failover region to region (Azure VMs)
✔️ failover region to region (Azure Web App and Azure SQL Server)
✔️ Azure Automation to support failover process

I recommend reading the “Whiteboard design session” presentation and “trainer guide” before going through the “Hands-on lab”.

With the lab, you can also review scripts that are used to configure the environment (mostly PowerShell DSC scripts executed as Script Extensions on VMs) - for example: configure hyper-v, configure SQL, join VM the domain, and much more.

Some tips:

🔨 if you are using Windows (with SQL Server and VS2019), you don’t need to setup LABVM, you can skip the “Before the hands-on lab” part
🔨 ASR configuration wizard has changed a bit, some settings from HOL are not needed
🔨 you need to update the DotNetCompilerPlatform NuGet package in the ContosoInsurance solution
🔨 you would need around 6h to finish this lab

I highly recommend this Lab, and soon I’ll share some notes from the other workshops.

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